Woman with brown hair, brown eyes, and a winning smile.

Currently Learning

  • Digging into Basics!

    While working through recent projects, I keep coming up against concepts that trip me up and things that haven't fully stuck into my mind yet. So I'm spending some time every day working on basics and reinforcing skills. Right now I'm going through Wes Bos' beginner JavaScript course for this, and supplimenting when I come across something that intrigues me!

  • Rustlings!

    Recently I've watched and heard some folks talking about getting started with Rust, and it's seemed intriging. A party corgi group just started an adventure club to go through the rustlings exercises, a set of challenges to start learning Rust. So I'm joining in! It should be really interesting, and I'm excited to learn more about it!

Professional Goals

As a customer service sales associate at Cooper’s Copies, a local print shop, I did a little bit of everything! Besides assisting customers in all forms and working with QuickBooks for invoicing, it all boiled down to taking custom print orders and ensuring they made it all the way through design, production, and finishing, on time and correctly.

This helped me build upon the detail tracking and service skills I developed during my previous role at Steinway Hall, a piano sales store. There, I developed my customer service skills & built a complete inventory of our piano stock, that helped resolve discrepancies in the sales records.

With these experiences, I'm looking to put my detail & service skills to use as a front end web developer!

I shine when I'm creating and problem solving. Taking an idea, bringing it to life, and then watching it go out into the world is the BEST feeling. The process is always messy, but the feeling of working through a problem and overcoming it brings me a lot of joy. I love to investigate the why's and how's of a situation, find the best possible solution, and implement the changes. It's like being a detective - and I always get what I'm after, in some form or another.

I also love playing with data and designs! There's so much information in the world, readily accessible to everyone - but most people won't ever find it, because it's buried in technical documents, written in unusual wording, scattered in multiple places, or just plain boring to look through! Being able to gather information into one place, help it make sense, and display it in a way that's easy to interpret and sort through gives me such a sense of accomplishment, and helps others in the process!

As for the type of place I'd like to work - I have a few priorities:

  • An open and communicative office - where everyone is free to ask questions, help each other, and accepts each other as human beings
  • Colorado based, or remote
  • Somewhere I can learn and grow as a developer - mentorship would be amazing, but also being able to pair program with my teammates or listen in to conversations would be amazing. I have a lot of growing to do, and I can't wait!
  • Somewhere that's just plain fun to be! Folks who are friendly, kind, funny, and easy to be around. An environment where stress is left to certain moments and not an overwhelming air that hangs over every day. When problems do arise (it's impossible to avoid entirely), they are handled with respect and care for all involved.

I'm not looking to be the best - just continuously better than I am at this moment. And I'm looking for a place where I can do just that!

A Few Key Qualities:

Quick Fire Favorites:

  • Programming Language - JavaScript
  • JavaScript Library - Vue
  • Code Editor - VS Code
  • Current Editor Theme - Overnight Slumber Italic
  • Video Game Series - Ratchet & Clank
  • Musician - Matt Nathanson
  • Coffee Roast - Medium Dark
  • Type of Pet - Cats

Personal Traits:

  • Analytical - I love organizing and digging into details. I catch proofreading mistakes others miss. I made an app to organize and track my nail polish collection. Tracking orders, solving puzzles, and finding solutions is my JAM.
  • Empathy - It's easy for me to figure out where folks are coming from and what they're looking for. I'm the listening ear for my co-workers, the calm presence in the middle of a storm. While I don't enjoy tense situations (and would honestly like less of them in my life), I can navigate through them and try to help everyone come out stronger and happier on the other side. I want people to feel heard, understood, and seen in any interaction I have with them.
  • Creative - I majored in music in college. I love trying to draw (even if most times it looks like a toddler drew it). I take photographs almost everywhere I go. I play card games and do jigsaw puzzles for fun. And playing with the design of the sites I create is one of my favorite parts of development. Any chance I have to use the creative part of my brain is a chance I'll take!
  • Grit - The process of learning, applying, working through frustration, and improving is a common theme in my life. We can't avoid road blocks and frustrating situations - but I've learned when to push through, when to take a break, and how to find the answers I need. If I want it bad enough, I will persevere until I get there, no matter how long it takes.
  • Optimistic Realist - I always find the bright side of any situation. I believe there's always some bit of good in everything and everyone. But I'm also enough of a realist to know when it's time to let something go or move on. The ability to find good in things and also be aware of the reality of a situation is a tough line to follow, but I couldn't have it any other way.
Complete Node Developer Course Certificate
Complete Node Developer Course - Udemy
Mobile Web Specialist Certificate
Mobile Web Specialist - Udacity / Grow with Google
Git a Web Developer Job Certificate
Git a Web Developer Job - Udemy
Learn Node Certificate
Learn Node - Wes Bos
CS50 Certificate
CS50 - EdX / HarvardX