Woman with brown eyes, green glasses, and blue, purple, pink, and brown hair stares directly at you with a confident and friendly smirk.

Hey! I’m Linda,
& I compose
delightful websites.

I’m a front-end software engineer with an artistic background. I’m also a career changer with top-tier communication and organization skills. I build friendly, accessible designs and modern, maintainable JavaScript logic. My mix of creativity, empathy, critical thinking, and grit helps me craft sites that are a joy to use.

Let’s build something delightful together: lindakt16@gmail.com

Working together with Linda has truly been a remarkable experience. Her exceptional talent, meticulous attention to detail, and unwavering determination make her a standout engineer. Her insights significantly contributed to the team's efficiency, leading to the successful meeting of crucial deadlines.

Balázs Tápai

Senior Software Engineer

Linda is an incredibly talented software engineer and just an overall great person to work with. If you want to work with someone who has a friendly cheery attitude, wizard technical skills and strong work ethic, you better convince whoever needs to be convinced to hire Linda.

Adam Barrett

Senior Software Engineer

I got the opportunity to manage Linda on multiple projects and was able to see her work first-hand. She is easily one of the most detailed and diligent developers I've ever seen. One of my favorite things about working with Linda is how she just intuitively knows all of the things that are necessary for a long-term project to be successful and is very thorough in making sure those things are in place. She will be a foundational pillar of any team that she's on and I felt blessed every time we worked together. Don't miss any opportunity that presents itself for you to work with her.

Jeremy Privett

Project Manager

  • I’ve worked in photo labs, piano stores, and print shops performing customer service and project management roles. I enjoy bringing all the pieces of a puzzle together and ensuring everyone involved is on the same page.
  • I chose the word “compose” in my intro for a reason. I spent a decade perfecting the technique of playing flute and four years as a lifestyle photographer. But it wasn’t until I learned how to code that I could fully unlock my creative potential. Composition is how you draw your audience in and entice them with the beauty and details of your work. I craft my websites with this same care and eye for quality.
  • The traits I value most in a company are open communication and collaboration. I need to be able to ask questions and give and receive constructive feedback. I want to build great products that benefit humans alongside teammates that want to get better together.
A young woman beams with joy at the camera while holding three cats in her arms. All three cats are facing the camera and looking in different directions with their feet dangling.A soft cat sleeps on a tan pillow on the left side of a laptop. The laptop has rainbow glowing keys and shows a programming stream on the screen.A soft cat sleeps on a multi-colored blanket on the right side of a laptop in a young woman's lap. The laptop has gray keys and shows a code editor and a portfolio page in progress on the screen.A woman sits on a tan couch with a laptop in her lap, feet crossed at the ankles. On her left on the couch lays a black and tan long-haired cat on top of a pink blanket. On the floor at her feet lays a tan and white dog, gazing at the camera.
Then and now: With my first pets as an adult (top left) and my current pets (bottom right); building my first portfolio (top right) and continuing my education (bottom left).

Linda adds value to every project she works on. During her tenure at This Dot, she worked on a wide variety of projects and the constant feedback I heard from her colleagues and leads was that she was invaluable to their success. Linda is a developer who can push tickets and hit deliverables, but her secret weapon is that she finds ways to go above and beyond the ask in a way that isn't costly and adds layers of value to all facets of the business. I'd absolutely hire Linda again.

Dustin Goodman

Engineering Manager

Any time a project comes up, other team members and leads request Linda to be a part of the team. Not only is Linda able to pick up tickets in a sprint and work independently, but she proactively helps make any team she is on better. Linda helps all her team members think about problems that may not be obvious. While she does that, she also proposes solutions to those problems and usually they are spot on. This has been immensely valuable to products she has worked on, as well as the company.

Tracy Lee