Woman with blue, purple, pink, and brown hair, brown eyes, green glasses, and a confident smirk.

About Linda

I'm a web developer with a front-end focus who loves working with JavaScript and CSS. I'm the kid who bought puzzle books for the logic puzzles, so building out functionality and solving problems with JavaScript is my jam. And I love getting to add my own flair and creativity to a project with CSS. I believe the web should be for everyone, so I work hard to keep accessibility and responsive design principles in mind as I'm building.

So what value do I add to your team?

  • I'm empathetic and want everyone I work with to feel heard and understood.
  • I'm resilient and determined to a fault when troubleshooting and finding solutions.
  • I'm a fast learner, eager to learn from those around me and share what wisdom I have as well.
  • I'm an optimistic realist - I see the bright side in everything but have the experience to know when to ask for help or take a break.

Want to work together? Please reach out at .

My Background

I'm a proud career changer! Most of my work history has been spent doing customer service and office admin roles in the printing, music, and retail industries. These roles have given me a wealth of skills in communicating well, keeping track of project details, and working as a team.

But I wasn't satisfied in any of these roles - they were positions I sort of fell into, not something I chose. Software engineering has become the thing I've chosen for myself, letting me scratch my creative itch and also be valued for my mind as well as my work ethic. It's been one of the best decisions of my life to start learning how to code and make the transition, and I couldn't be prouder of myself for following it through and continuing to grow!

My Work Values

Here's a few things I look for when seeking my next project:

  • An open and communicative office - where asking questions is safe, feedback is constructive, and the whole human is considered.
  • Working with a diverse team - a mix of viewpoints from different backgrounds and groups is vital to a company's ability to benefit others. I want to work with a variety of folks and have the chance to learn new things.
  • Building a product that benefits others - I want to spend my time on something that makes someone's day easier or brighter. Bonus points if it involves music, is for other developers, or improves lives through education, healthcare, or democracy!