Woman with brown hair, brown eyes, and a winning smile.

I'm a web developer with a front-end focus who loves working with JavaScript and CSS. I'm the kid who bought puzzle books for the logic puzzles, so building the logic and functionality of sites with JavaScript feels natural. I've always thrived in creative roles, and getting to add some finesse to a project with CSS is so much fun. I also value accessibility and responsive design and work hard to keep those at the forefront of my projects.

Why would you want me on your team?

  • I'm empathetic and want everyone I work with to feel heard and understood.
  • I'm resilient and determined to a fault when troubleshooting and finding solutions.
  • I'm always looking to learn from others and share what wisdom I have in return.
  • I'm an optimistic realist - I see the bright side in everything but have the experience to know when to let go or take a break.

Career History:

  • Currently a software engineer apprentice at This Dot Labs! I'm working with amazing teammates to help clients achieve their goals. We get to work with a variety of technologies, which has been a wonderful experience in learning and growing as a developer. This Dot also regularly puts out content for the developer community! I couldn't have dreamed of a better place to start my dev career.
  • Before This Dot, I spent 7+ years as one of two customer service representatives for a custom print shop. Working alongside graphic designers and production managers, I helped customers bring their ideas to life. Working in printing involved a lot of troubleshooting, communication, and project management. I also spent a lot of time keeping track of work orders, maintaining websites built with no-code tools, and working with vendors. There was always something going on, and seeing how happy customers were with their final products was very rewarding.

Currently Looking For:

  • An open and communicative office - where asking questions is safe, feedback is constructive, and the whole human is considered.
  • Working with a diverse team - a mix of viewpoints from different backgrounds and groups is vital to a company's ability to benefit others. I want to work with a variety of folks and have the chance to learn new things.
  • Building a product that benefits others - I want to spend my time on something that makes someone's day easier or brighter. Bonus points if it involves music, is for other developers, or improves lives through education, healthcare, or democracy!
  • I'd love to relocate to Colorado or somewhere along the West Coast someday!

A Few Favorites:

  • JavaScript Library - Vue
  • Code Editor - VS Code
  • Current OS - Windows
  • Dev Communities - Code Cafe Online & Party Corgi
  • Coding Music - Anything with no lyrics!
  • Coffee Roast - Medium to medium-dark
  • Type of Pet - Cats
  • Hobby - Photography & video games
  • Video Game Series - Ratchet & Clank
  • Musicians - Matt Nathanson & Taylor Swift


Beginner JavaScript Certificate
Beginner JavaScript
Wes Bos
Complete Node Developer Course Certificate
Complete Node Developer
Mobile Web Specialist Certificate
Mobile Web Specialist
Udacity / Grow with Google
Free Code Camp Responsive Web Design Certificate
Responsive Web Design
Free Code Camp
CS50 Certificate
EdX / HarvardX