Linda Thompson

Software engineer, career changer, & team builder

Linda is one of the most high-potential and high-performing I've had the pleasure of working with. Linda is a mid-level developer with the maturity, communication, organization, and leadership qualities of a high-senior developer. She craves feedback and works continuous improvement processes into her daily life. She leads by example - doing the hard work and never letting herself be lazy or cut corners. Every team is better and meets their deadlines more often when Linda is a part. I unreservedly recommend Linda to anyone, and I hope to work with her again in the future whenever possible.

Rob Ocel

Engineering Lead

Projects I've Crafted

A heading reads 'Welcome to the Arcade!' on a dark purple background. Below the heading are three tall rectangles, each with the name of a game, a screenshot of the game, and a small blurb with the game objective.







A virtual arcade! View all the games available or select one to play (instructions are included). I built this in Astro so I could write each game in a different JavaScript framework and keep growing my knowledge!

Case Study
A heading bar with Do I Own This on the left, and a greeting and sign out button on the right. Then, a filter bar, showing a drop down menu and a text box with a search button. Finally, a link to add something new, and a grid view three across and multiple down showing photos of nail polishes with their name below them.

Do I Own This





A nail polish inventory tracking site. Add and view your collection, make changes, search, and filter based on color or brand. This is the project I used to teach myself my first framework, Vue!

Case Study

Linda consistently demonstrated an exceptional skill set in coding, code reviewing, and testing. Her expertise in crafting both unit and e2e tests ensured our software's robustness and efficiency. Just as impressive was her ability to communicate issues and potential solutions with clarity, making her insights both actionable and invaluable. This communicative prowess, combined with her technical expertise, solidified her role as an indispensable resource in our team.

William Mimura

Software Engineer

Words I've Shared

Linda is one of my all time favorite people to work with. She will be an incredible asset to any company. ❤️

Jessica Wilkins

Software Engineer