Linda Thompson

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Who I Am

I'm an intelligent, hard working person, with 12+ years of experience managing client projects and helping offices run smoothly. I excel at investigating problems, verifying the details of a project and finding solutions that work for everyone. With an inquisitive, resilient mind, I'm always open to learning, growing, and improving. I enjoy exploring data, making art, and bringing ideas to life.

I also love cats, chocolate, puzzles, gaming, and stories of all kinds (whether from video games, podcasts, or books)!

My Goals

I'm currently looking for my first developer job!

I really enjoy working with JavaScript, wrangling data, and designing websites. I'm fairly confident in my front-end skills, though I possess just enough back-end skill to be dangerous! I'd really love to work on location (looking to relocate!), where I can be truly immersed in programming and be able to learn and grow with my teammates - though I'd happily work remote as well. I'm not looking to be the best - just continuously better than I am in this moment.

Currently Learning

  • - Now that I have some increased knowledge, I want to refactor some of my small side projects that I use at my current job - my stamp tracker, and a delivery record form. After using both for a decent while now, I have some improvements I want to make to help them fit their use cases better.
  • Data Structures & Algorithms in JavaScript - Brushing up on my understanding and ability to implement different CS ideas in JavaScript.
  • ES6 for Everyone - Also finally working through this course fully. I use some ES6 features all the time (hello template strings!), but some things - like destructuring, spread, and rest - I still don't fully understand. So diving into all of this will be a great help.

Thanks for stopping by! If you like what you've seen or want to know more, please reach out - I'm always looking to make new connections!

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