Linda Thompson

Software engineer, career changer, & team builder

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Projects I've Crafted

A heading reads 'Welcome to the Arcade!' on a dark purple background. Below the heading are three tall rectangles, each with the name of a game, a screenshot of the game, and a small blurb with the game objective.







A virtual arcade! View all the games available or select one to play (instructions are included). I built this in Astro so I could write each game in a different JavaScript framework and keep growing my knowledge!

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A heading bar with Do I Own This on the left, and a greeting and sign out button on the right. Then, a filter bar, showing a drop down menu and a text box with a search button. Finally, a link to add something new, and a grid view three across and multiple down showing photos of nail polishes with their name below them.

Do I Own This





A nail polish inventory tracking site. Add and view your collection, make changes, search, and filter based on color or brand. This is the project I used to teach myself my first framework, Vue!

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