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Who I Am

Hi! I'm Linda. Here's what you should know about me:

  • I'm resilient. The process of learning, applying, and improving is a common theme in my life. Frustration can hold me back for a time, but I've learned when I need to take a break, and when to keep pushing forward. I'm able to recognize when I might need to change tactics, and can navigate around difficulties to get what I want.
  • I'm perceptive. It's relatively easy for me to pick up on where others are coming from, be it figuring out what a customer's trying to explain, or knowing when my co-workers need to vent so everyone can move forward. While I don't enjoy tense situations, navigating them and striving to meet people where they are and understand them comes naturally to me.
  • I'm analytical. I love organizing and digging into details. I'll catch proofreading mistakes that others miss. Tracking jobs, maintaining spreadsheets, and puzzling out discrepancies and bugs is my JAM. Pulling together information from multiple sources and compiling it all into one resource brings such a sense of relief and fulfillment.
  • I'm creative. One of my favorite parts of my career is getting to bring ideas to life. No matter the scale, being able to see something take shape and go out into the world is such a joy.

My Goals

I'm searching for my first developer job!

My favorite language is JavaScript - it's my first coding love, really. I'm fairly proficient with HTML and CSS too. I'm typically drawn to projects where I'm making data easier to view or track, though I can be distracted playing with the design quite often. I prefer VS Code as my editor of choice, & can navigate Git (most of the time).

I'd really love to work on location (looking to relocate!), where I can be truly immersed in programming and be able to learn and grow with my teammates - though I'd happily work remotely as well. I'm searching for a place with mentorship, where everyone is free to ask questions and can communicate openly when things are stressful. I really want to learn & grow as a developer in all the best ways - making things accessible to as many folks as possible, building projects that look nice and are easy to read and maintain, and being somewhere that's just plain FUN to be. If what I work on can benefit the world, no matter how big or small the impact, it would be the icing on the cake.

I'm not looking to be the best - just continuously better than I am at this moment.

Currently Learning

  • Vue! I've decided it's finally time to dive in and pick a library to learn, & Vue is the one that keeps drawing my attention. So I'm working through some intro classes on Vue Mastery & Vue School to get some of the basics figured out.
  • Beginner JavaScript - Though I've been using JavaScript for about 3 years now, I'm always looking for new courses to take that help me dig in and keep reinforcing the main ideas and concepts of the language. I like Wes' teaching style, so when this went on sale for Christmas I couldn't resist!

Personal Interests

  • I LOVE a good story!
  • Video Games - Ratchet & Clank, Sly Cooper, Uncharted, Kingdom Hearts
  • Podcasts -
    • Fictional - Ars Paradoxica, Wolf359, The Bright Sessions, Archive 81, Boom
    • Programming - BaseCS, Syntax, Shop Talk Show, Code Newbie, Front End Happy Hour
    • True Crime - And That's Why We Drink, Small Town Murder, Wine & Crime, All Crime No Cattle
  • Cats! I have two currently: Tomorah & Pip
  • Any sort of chocolate (though fudge is my ultimate weakness)
  • Baseball (particularly the Texas Rangers!)
  • The Beach! (Or any body of water, really - but the ocean has my heart)

It's been a pleasure! How can we get in touch with you?