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Using GitHub Actions to Improve my Post Structure

New writing folder structure with GitHub Actions!

Project Breakdown - Snake

I re-created a version of the classic phone game! Lessons and thoughts from my experience.

Coding Practice - Counting Valleys (Hacker Rank)

Solving the Counting Valleys problem on Hacker Rank on the first try!

Building an RSS Feed in Nuxt with Nuxt/Content

How I set up my RSS feed so I can cross post my blogs!

TIL - Text-decoration Shorthand!

What is (and isn't) included in the text-decoration shorthand declaration.

Do I Own This? A New Project!

So I have this idea...and I'm speaking it into existence!

Rockin' (Web)Sockets!

More Node learning - starting a chat app, &!

Gridsome Troubleshooting & Lessons Learned

Adventures in Gridsome! Finding an error & learning how to see it.

Hosting an App with Heroku and Netlify (if you've never done it before)

The steps I took to post my Udacity final project online