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// basic reduce - adding all values in an array
arr.reduce( (total, value) => total + value, 0);

// Need to know how many of each item are in an array? Reduce into an object:
var names = ['Alice', 'Bob', 'Tiff', 'Bruce', 'Alice'];

var countedNames = names.reduce(function (allNames, name) {
  if (name in allNames) {
  else {
    allNames[name] = 1;
  return allNames;
}, {});

// countedNames is:
// { 'Alice': 2, 'Bob': 1, 'Tiff': 1, 'Bruce': 1 }


// Followed the above reduce into an object, but then need to do something with the values?
// Can get all the keys, which will return an array (that you can then loop over)

Measuring Elements

  • For total amount of space an item takes up, including visible content, padding, and border: offsetWidth / offsetHeight
  • For amount of space the content takes up, including padding and visible content but nothing else: clientWidth / clientHeight
  • For the total size of the content, no matter how much is visible: scrollWidth / scrollHeight
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