The Note Garden

Notes from Courses, Conference Talks, etc. View by tag if you'd like!

Vuex for Everyone

Notes on Vue School's Vuex course

Vue Fundamentals

Notes on Vue School's Vue Fundamentals course

Vue Components Fundamentals

Notes on Vue School's Vue Components course

Vuex by Vue Mastery

Notes on Vue Mastery's Vuex course

Real World Vue

Notes on Vue Mastery's Real World Vue course, first in the series

Next Level Vue

Notes on Vue Mastery's Next Level Vue course, second in the series

Effective TypeScript

Notes and impressions from reading through Effective TypeScript by Dan Vanderkam

Git Snippets

A reference for the less used Git commands, so I can find them easily

TypeScript Basics

Notes on the basics of the TypeScript language

Project Snippets

Helpful references for getting started on projects

Technical Interviews

Notes while reading through "De-coding the Technical Interview" by Emma Bostian

Beginner's Guide to React

Notes on Kent Dodds' intro React course on Egghead


Personal reference sheet of Rust documentation while going through the Rustlings exercises

Beginner JavaScript

Notes on Wes Bos' Beginner JS course

CSS Snippets

My own CSS reference cheat sheet, when I can't remember how to do things

JavaScript Snippets

My own reference sheet for common, basic JS recipes that I use and/or need to look up often

How to GraphQL

My thoughts and notes while going through the How to GraphQL course with my Party Corgi adventure club!

A Vue Introduction

Detailed notes on Vue Mastery's introduction to Vue course